We’ve been motor sailing since we left Opua yesterday around 11:30AM. We had confused seas for awhile late yesterday afternoon, but by midnight, the seas had calmed and made for a lovely ride.

We recently watched the movie: Shadowlands with Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger, about C.S. Lewis. I’ve started two of his books: The Four Loves – which is interesting, and very chewy. Possibly a bit much for passage. And, the Narnia series. Somehow, I’ve never read this series but all that is changing now. What an enjoyable way to pass time on watch.

It’s been almost two years since we’ve been at sea. I’ve forgotten some things:
– The way we move with the rhythm of the water, the wind, RED, each other. The steps of the dance come back as we leave the dock.

– The way the moon reflects on the clouds and water. Silver and white and black and gray.

– Sunsets! EVERY sunset is an event! Beautiful, God-light and such a treat to see.

– How important numbers become: How fast we’re going, how far we’ve come, how far we have to go, how many days the passage will take, how many hours. How long before Richard wakes and I can go to bed, is it time to log our position (every hour, on the hour). What’s the wind direction, speed? How fast are we going? How soon will we be there?

All is well aboard the good ship RED.

Miles traveled: 220
Miles to go: 866

Time to log.

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