F & B Conquer the ALCAN – March 9

Dear fellow followers of The Adventure,

As they slipped ever closer to Spring our Adventurers, now hardened by three grueling days of Arctic travel and roads that only Goldie could shrug off, got a glimmer of much easier travel ahead.  They whizzed along and even found time to stop at Muncho Hot Springs.  Now before you go visualizing them diving into the hot, hot water in their bikinis as they had planned, think again; the water is, well, not so sweet and you’d be forgiven if you thought Lucifer was lurking close around somewhere.  Pondering the logistics of it all they chose to only dip their toes in the wonderful waters and eschew the long ride smelling of brimstone; maybe they aren’t hallucinating after all!

There were some awe inspiring moments today too; a baby Grand Canyon as they bested the highest point of their Canada journey and descended towards Fort Nelson (aka, The Big City); Bison alongside the road (photo to prove) and other “wild” animals, including one proprietor of a bake shop they visited (no further information available except that they escaped without incident).

Arriving in Fort Nelson they cruised into their hotel, which must be pretty desperate for customers this time of year because they described the serviced in glowing terms.  Hungry, they discovered that the “Big City” has really good restaurants–one right there.  F actually ordered chicken and B had a steak (unfortunately her taste runs to incineration) and both raved (what’s new) about the meal!

I can report that both are in exceptional spirits this evening.  Mettle hardly describes our Heros graceful handling of the fabled Yukon Territory in the dead of Winter (OK, I exaggerate, it’s nearly Spring).

A geo-quiz is proposed by our Adventurers: What two towns in British Columbia do *not* observe Daylight Savings Time?  The first email with the correct answer to hit my inbox will receive an autographed copy of the F and B Winter Tour 2012 Official Photo!

Catch the continuing saga of F and B Conquer the ALCAN beginning at 9 Pacific time tomorrow.

Your faithful scribe,