F & B Conquer the ALCAN – Day 1, March 6

Dear fellow followers of The Adventure,

After a snowy and slow first 100 miles the adventurers picked up the pace as weather cleared in front of them and then made brisk time, stopping only for lunch and, umm, bio-breaks, reaching Tok before full dark (not to worry they carry plenty of kerosene for the headlamps).  Especially gratifying was an average speed of 50+ over the infamous Tok Cutoff between Glennallen and Tok and through the high, winding and beautiful Mentasta Pass.  One imagines a grimace of sheer concentration, accompanied by blasting tunes on the stereo, on the driver’s face (name withheld).

The Rocket Box (aka cartop carrier) performed well and didn’t slow them down or create any problems (fortunately everything inside is in sealed vacuum bags because the Rocket is probably packed full with snow by now).

A sumptuous meal was had at Fast Freddie’s in wild and crazy downtown Tok and the remainder of the evening was spent outside shivering while viewing the truly awesome aurora before they collapsed for a good night’s sleep at the Burnt Paw Inn.

Catch the continuing saga of F and B Conquer the ALCAN beginning at 10 Pacific time tomorrow.

Your faithful scribe,