F & B Conquer the ALCAN – March 10

Dear fellow followers of The Adventure,

Well it was all down hill today with easy driving punctuated by an interesting breakfast stop at the Bucking Horse River Lodge.  Belle and Howard, proprietors, had been recommended by the gushing staff of last night’s Inn as being great hosts and as having the best chocolate cake in the Canadian West.  Determined to sate their hunger for breakfast they feasted on eggs and breakfast meat followed by — are they serious — Chocolate cake??  Fortunately the cake was so delicious that neither of our Adventurers became ill from the gastronomic disaster.  Perhaps it was their moderation that saved the day.

Now Howard is in a bit of a “Hatfields and McCoy’s” situation with the gas station across the road;  a rough and ready place that seems mostly to house gas field workers in modified conexs.  Howard recommended a place down the road 30 miles to get gas.  Fortunately that place did have gas, and moreover told the story of Howard and the Gas guys — it wasn’t pretty.

Only domestic horses were seen today on the rip-roaring drive on dry pavement with not a single Dudly Dorite spotted.  Our adventurers have made camp in a very civilized lodge in Dawson Creek, which despite it’s looming refinery offered up a fabulous restaurant where they feasted on — are these not trusting souls? — Fish!

Eager to press on in a now civilized world they launch out for the *really* Big City of Edmonton tomorrow where they plan to arrive early enough for an Imax movie and no doubt another sumptuous meal at a five star restaurant.  My how circumstances have changed in just a day…  This could get boring, as uncharacteristic as it seems for our Adventurers.  Do you suppose the wilds of Montana can bring back some of the excitement?

Catch the continuing saga of F and B Conquer the ALCAN beginning at 8 Pacific time tomorrow, and yes, don’t forget to set your clocks *ahead* at 2 AM tomorrow morning.

Your faithful scribe,