F & B Conquer the ALCAN – March 12

Dear fellow followers of The Adventure,

No doubt you’ve been stewing since our last episode over the hedonistic intentions of our Adventurers.  Well, these are people who accomplish what they set out to do and indeed they did.  After an easy day of travel, which tragically (this will tell you *how* easy) started when they got lost looking for Starbuck’s!  The poor deprived dears..but I digress.  They eased south along the four lane highway with the 110 km/hr speed limit (now let’s not always see the same hands; yes, that’s 65 mph to us) to Calgary’s outskirts where they turned right toward the distant Rocky Mountains and the “Great Spa in the Sky” at Banff.  Now B’s a planner (not to mention an Internet guru) and found such a nice spa hotel real cheap that when they pulled up they thought they had gone to Heaven for half-price!  Banff is, after all where the Canadian version of the glitterati (the ones with either cowboy boots or oilfield boots) go to relax and unwind (some actually *ski* but most just drink and wear fast clothes).

Having ensconced themselves in a palatial room they started their menu of pleasures with hot soaks followed by Shiatsu massage (which I’m told hurts *soo* good).  Now, this is where our heros diverge.  B is like an atom that got hit by an energized particle and goes to the next energy state (maybe jumped a couple, actually) whereas F goes on pleasure cruise control and heads back to have a sumptuous burger in her room (what, again, have these people no taste?).

This is where we will leave them for today friends, perhaps tomorrow they will get back to the real work, but we’ll see.  Who knows maybe they will make it past Cut Bank and on to the next rest haven they have planned at Great Falls.

Catch the continuing saga of F and B Conquer the ALCAN beginning at 8, uh, make that sometime before noon, Pacific time tomorrow.

Your faithful scribe,