Reading isn’t necessarily learning

So what have we learned, after reading (time and again)?

1)  Never give a departure date.  How many times have we changed ours? Don’t think we can count that high.  Now when someone asks when we’re leaving we say “soon”.

2) The boat will only hold about half of what you think it will.  But you only need about a quarter of what you think you do.  We’ll see.  RED is sitting a little heavier in the water today, and we still have SIX boxes left in Goldie. (and yes, I do need all of those shoes!)

On a brighter note, we have a new radar and chart plotter!  We both found it difficult to throw the old away.  We tried to find a home for it, really.  Our last act was to gingerly set it in the dumpster….just in case someone saw, and wanted it.

Did we mention how lucky we are? The cabling for the above was tricky.  We were looking for George, thinking we could tie the cable on his tail, and he could run it for us.  However, George stayed in Alaska with Jane and we are on our own. And, luckily, even without Georgie the wonder cat, all the cables smoothly and easily found their way.  Hmm, maybe he was helping us after all.

We’ve been enjoying the wildlife at Westport Marina (our temporary home).  Two pair of Canadian (yes, having been born in Canada, they’re Canadian, not Canada) geese with ten or eleven goslings, a harbor seal, great blue heron.

We’ve had a parade of enjoyable and knowledgable people helping us prepare.  Al Kelly has done some painting on RED for us and he (RED) looks great (ok. So does Al, but that’s not what I ment).  Alan Betton did our survey, John Norwood of Waterline Yachts has managed the entire ‘minor refit’.  We’re quite fortunate to have such talented, experienced and fun help as we prepare for our journey.

We’re preparing for our Bon voyagee party on Saturday (May 5) in Anacortes. Anyone who’ll be in the area, please join us!


  1. This is May 8th; I assume after your Bon Voyage party on the 5th your are either on your way or about to be so. Bon Voyage to the two of you.