Longer than expected…

As we could have expected, preparing to depart for the South Pacific is taking longer than expected.  The great weather we’re having here in Sidney, BC may be having an effect on that.  Seems happy hour starts a little earlier each day with cocktails on the foredeck, and well, then there’s coffee in to cockpit, you get the picture.

Surprisingly (?), we are making progress!  Richard has the new radar, chart plotter and satellite compass running, and all taking to each other.  It’s quite a change from our old system – very high tech!

We had a terrific time with family and friends in Anacortes on a delightfully sunny weekend – then into Seattle for a lovely get together with GCI folks.  We accomplished all the US errands planned, then headed back to Sidney to finish up with Waterline (they build RED originally and have done the majority of the refit this winter).  Looks like their work is almost done and we’re ready to head back to the US where prices are cheaper (think: Trader Joe’s).

All in all, life aboard is delightful, even though quite cramped.  We’re busy purging and wondering why we ever brought so much STUFF in the first place.  Now on to updating our insurance and other fun paperwork.

More soon…Love, Fran & Richard


  1. Richard,

    I hope the prep. is wrapping up and that you and Fran have a fantastic time sailing to points south!

    Bill Chandler

  2. Hello Richard,

    Read the latest classnotes on your plan to sail the south seas!
    What a great adventure. Wishing you and Fran, “Fair Wind and following sea !”.

    James Leo