Still in Anacortes, Washington

Anacortes, Washington – Cap Sante Boat Heaven

The big news is that we’ve decided not to do the “puddle jump” this year.  We’ll stay in the Pacific Northwest at least through the summer.  And intend to make the “jump” next year – as early as March.  We’ll be heading down to Eugene next week to visit Santa who’s home from his vacation in Florida.  That’s the extent of our planning at this point – stay tuned.

Now, for Anacortes:

We’ve been riding the cruiser bikes they have here at the marina – toodle-ing* around this lovely town.  We’ve been geocaching, Farmer’s Marketing, Yacht Clubbing and exploring.  The Town Crier every Friday at 5 expounds on the specials at the local eateries and the pirate’s cannon really gets our hearts a racing – the first time we heard it we thought we were under siege!

We are thoroughly enjoying this quirky Anacortes.  Now, if it were just 15 degrees warmer, and a little sunnier…

Oh, and a quick update on the Adventures of F & B and the Alaska Highway:  That uncomfortably intense (and not in a good way) vibration jupiness* at highway speeds (85 or so) in Goldie, was due to dried, caked on mud (from Dawson City, I think).  The gentleman at Tire Factory (Precision Tire Factory in Oak Harbor) suggested we keep him a little cleaner…..Will do sir!

More to come~

Friday's at Cap Sante
Friday's at Cap Sante

*Yes, we do make up our own words.

"Batter up"
Geocaching on Whidbey Island
Exchanging Burgees
Exchanging Burgees with the Anacortes Yacht Club