But baby it’s HOT outside!

October 2, 2012: San Diego, California – Cabrillo Isle Marina – Temp: 74 F @ 10PM

Well followers of the ORB saga it will come as little surprise that we lingered much longer in Bodega Bay than originally conceived. There were reasons of course, though as a sage friend of ours is certain to observe—there were no excuses! Now on the first day it was total rest; we ate, slept, stared at the mess in the boat and went back to bed—we was tired puppies. It may have been the post-adrenalin let-down from the night before or just that we hadn’t hardened-off yet for a four day passage, but whatever the cause it carried over for another day of similar resting and little progress readying for departure. It helped salve our conscience that the forecast was for more interesting sea and weather conditions so it was easy to defer everything. Finally on the third day we kicked back into our normal energy state and got things cleaned up, hatched a plan to prevent a repeat of the mess and nearly left—well, we stayed one more day just to let things settle just a bit more. On Thursday we were at last, after five nights, on our way. Fuel, water and beer were topped up and we left Bodega Bay at the crack of noon, headed for San Diego.

Land Ho!
Fog clears as we approach Bodega Bay
Sunset over the Pacific – no Green Flash!
Moonrise over the Pacific!
Moon Art

The trip proved to be about as uneventful as can be imagined; modest seas, wind on the nose (we’re beginning to think it is breaking the law to have sailable wind), and much less big traffic than expected. In fact the only time we got all twisted-up was when a 1000’ freighter thought it was just fine to turn in front of us and leave about 2/10s of a mile space. Imagine a large bus turning in front of your little sports car! We negotiated a bit more room – “Don’t Worry!”—said the captain of the behemoth. I was worried. But then our instruments reported that he had indeed turned away.

Once past the shipping lanes into San Francisco and Long Beach we had a long run into San Diego, arriving late morning. Now, something caught our attention—it was warm at last and clothes went aflying!

Safely checked into our new mooring in the Cabrillo Isle Marina we maintained our energy level and washed down RED of salt; only then repairing to the nearby Sheraton lanai for a burger a mojito and a beer.

RED is in great shape, we’re back in our normal bed forward and melting from the nearly 90 degree heat.

Friends coming to visit
More friends!
When they come by, you can’t help but smile!

We’re planning to travel a bit this week and maybe next. Visiting friends and family and R has a bit of semi (retirement) that he’s looking forward to. We will be back in San Diego in time for the start of the Baja HaHa on October 29th.


  1. I’m vicariously enjoying your trip–keep the posts coming! Please be careful around those steamers. In my experience, there are times you have to forget the “Rules of the Road” and give them room. Better to yield even when you shouldn’t have to than to be “dead right”! Listening to some mates on watch, I’ve the clear impression that some just expect that small pleasure boats will alter course for them. I’m glad you are communicating with the ships–early contact makes it safer for everyone.