La Cruz, Mexico

December 23, 2012: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (!)

We decided to leave Paradise and headed over to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (wha-nah-CAX-slee).  Seems like it was paradise as well…..Please hold your “boos”, but it was really hot!

As we pulled into the marina, whom did we see, but Berkut!  Well, she’s not Berkut any longer, she’s Grasshopper!  RED’s younger sister!  Just down the dock from RED last summer was another Waterline named Berkut.  A lovely boat built just after RED.  We thoroughly enjoyed her owner’s and were very excited for them when they informed us they were selling Berkut, to buy ANOTHER, bigger Waterline named Delphina!

We had a great time yesterday with Grasshopper’s owner Jeff.  He followed his own schedule down the coast and we just missed him in Cabo.  We’re very happy to have made his acquaintance and wish him fair winds.

We scored some useful boat thingies at the cruiser’s swap meet, and got some great ideas of what we can sell at the next one.  (Rule #4: No net gain aboard – we don’t have room for the stuff we have!)  Scores include a winch handle pocket, wind scoop (to help out with the ‘really hot’, some sewing stuff and a cool map of the South Pacific – so we know where we’re going next spring.)

Last evening we spent at the Octopus’s Garden watching some local Aztec dancers welcoming in the Solstice.  Very cool.

This morning we enjoyed the farmer’s market at Marina La Cruz.  The market could compete with Eugene’s Saturday Market.  There was great food, fun crafts and, very civilized, some of the booths offered Bloody Mary’s to ensure your enjoyment of the market.

Boys fishing in the marina

We’re happily back in Paradise – más tarde (…

PS, It’s 84° and sunny!