Christmas at Playa Las Animas

December 26, 2012: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (!)

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Yesterday, after opening our gifts, we toodled over to Playa Las Animas for an afternoon on the beach.   We enjoyed great food, lively discussions, good friends and terrific weather.  Playa Las Animas is on the South side of Banderas Bay, tucked into the mountains.  The only access is via water.

Our Navidad beach. Playa Las Animas.
Old “Centro” district of Puerto Vallarta. A beautiful hazy day as we started out. It cleared nicely.

The wildlife was plentiful: The Pelicans were engaged in flight training making several passes down the beach in a large Vee of about 100 birds.  It reminded me of a scene from “Tora, Tora, Tora!”.

Then there was Pepito, a very large Iguana; a surprisingly docile beast!

Pity the poor pelicans for their mouths can hold more than their bellycan.


Richard’s new friend Pepito. A 9 year old iguana.
Fran is not at all sure about this Pepito guy…

We made it back here to Paradise for a late dinner, then our annual reading of “The Red Ranger Came Calling” by Berkeley Breathed.  (Richard’s turn to read this year.)  The BEST Christmas book EVER!

We hope Santa treated you well.