Land Ho! Huh?

Day 4 – April 20, 2013, 5:30PM (Pacific Time) – Fran
Current Location: 18 43.755 N, 110 57.548 W
Temperature: Indoor 78F, Outdoor 82F

Yup, so hard to believe but we’ve made it all the way to the islands… Well, not the islands of French Polynesia, but, ah hum, Mexico.
Last night, about 10:30 the wind up and quit and we were rolling around like a big red bobber! Being just 30 miles from Isla Socorro we decided to head in. We arrived early this morning, met with the Mexican Navy (they have a base here on the island), set the anchor and went to bed!

Our weather “people” think we’ll begin to have wind tomorrow (Sunday), so intend to head back out either Sunday afternoon, or Monday morning. In the mean time – we’re enjoying an unexpected break from our passage, good sleep (together even!), cool winds, whales, and maybe even a movie.

We’re seeing many whales here in the anchorage, lots of birds around and even wildlife on RED’s deck: 6 squid and 1 flying fish.

We haven’t been cooking much, just heating up what I made and froze before leaving. Tonight will be meat loaf, since we have a bottle of nice red wine (another benefit of being at anchor – see the scariest thing for us about this passage has been that we’re doing it sober, no alcohol…), a big salad (the fresh produce we brought is holding up well, but there’s a ton of it!) and some fruit for dessert. Breakfast was oatmeal, lunch was all American: Hotdogs, porkin’s, chips and diet coke!

More later!

Please note: Since we’re traveling through a number of time zones on our way across, we’ve decided that “boat time” will be Pacific Time. This , along with one clock set to Grenwich Mean Time (otherwise known as Coordinated Universal Time, or ‘Zulu’) simplifies our sleep deprived computations. Many of our radio ‘nets’ are on GMT, rather than a local time. We’re checking in most days to: The Picante Net run by friends in Puerto Vallarta, The Pacific Puddle Jump Net – for us puddle jumpers, and the Pacific Seafarer’s Net – run by some great “ham’s” back in the states. We really appreciate speaking with others on the nets, the net operators and friends we’ve made along the way – it’s a nice way to ‘socialize’ while out here on our own.