Gybe Talkin’

Day 7 – April 23, 2013, 9:50 PM (Pacific Time) – Fran
Current Location: 17 47.045 N, 113 51.010 W
Temperature: Indoor 78F, Outdoor 75F

We just finished our first gybe – to begin heading in the ‘right’ direction. With the wind (what little we have)from the angle it’s been, we had to keep turning north to get anywhere. So, we were headed in the wrong direction, but making headway… We just completed our gybe (sp?) and it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. (Gybe is when you turn the back end of the boat through the wind – the wind had been on our starboard side, after the gybe, it’s on the port side.) I guess it helps that the wind was very light when we did it. Now we’re headed just west of south.

All’s well aboard, we’re 1 week out of Puerto Vallarta today. Made water to fill the tank we’ve been using – so now we have 2 full tanks and a good idea of how much we use in a week (~ 75 gallons). As we get closer to the equator, we’ll be catching rain, but for now, it’s clear skies and a beautiful moon!

I’m headed back out to enjoy the sail.