Day 9 – April 25, 2013, 7:15 PM (Pacific Time) – Fran
Current Location: 17 07.09 N,116 17.100 W
Temperature: Indoor 79 F, Outdoor 75 F

Well, we’ve been asking for it, and here it is – WIND! We’ve seen up to about 17 knots, it’s generally in the 12 – 15 range, perfect for sailing! We’re looking to go southwest, but with our sail configuration, we’re not able to go directly downwind. (Wind is currently out of the northeast). So, we’ve gybed to go south (and a little east), then will go back to the previous tack and will be traveling a little north of west – overall we’ll get southwest – just traveling many miles to get there.

It’s great to be moving, the seas are bigger than we’ve seen, still quite comfortable +/- 4′ swell with long period. So we’re enjoying the gentle rocking of the Pacific.

We have overcast skies today for the first time – was a nice change from the sun (I know, I know!).

All is well here – hope it’s the same where you are.


  1. Sounds so exciting! I’m happy for you guys and hope luck will continue to be on your side. Godspeed to you! Per says he is from a Viking lineage and he is very proud of what you are doing.