Fran the cinematographer

Well, a slow day of motoring into 7′ seas but we’re doing fine. Morning cloudiness has given way to blue skies so we think we are at least mostly through the ITCZ.

This afternoon we decided to shut down the engine to better be able to talk by SSB to our friends Joe and Heidi on s/v Huck. When we cranked back up there seemed to be more vibration than usual, but that could be associated with motoring into the seas. Nevertheless we couldn’t rule out that something was wrapped around the shaft or propeller. Fran sprang into action and dunked our Go-PRO camera on a pole to get some video of the underside of RED. Soon the rushes were being scrutinized on Big Mac (Fran’s Macbook Pro) and showed a perfectly clean prop with it’s sacrificial zinc cap in good shape. However, and expected, the whole underside of the stern is covered with barnacles which we will scrape off once we arrive at Hiva Oa.

The game plan is to keep on motorsailing south and when the forecast easterlies arrive go back to sailing on a heading directly to Hiva Oa. Stay tuned!

At 1800 PDT May 4, s/v RED:

05d 22m N 124d 33m W
CSE 210T at 2.8 Kts, motorsailing
Wind 140 to 160T at 15 Kts
Sky CLR with clouds on horizon distant W
Seas SE 7′, 84.5 F
Baro 1009.9 down 3 mb


Richard & Fran