Almost across…

Day 21 – May 7, 2013 – 7PM Pacific Time
Current Location: 00 32.19 N, 127 47.89 W
Heading 207 T, Speed 4.8 knots
Sail: Full Genoa & double reefed main
Temperature: Indoor 85F, Outdoor 79 F
+/- 1, 800 Miles from Puerto Vallarta, 900 Miles to the Marquesas

Almost there – the equator that is!

We’ll be crossing the equator sometime tonight. We’ve had the most beautiful day sailing, with sunny skies, beautiful blue water and just the right amount of wind – terrific!
Now that we’re getting close(r) to land, we’ve both really gotten into the passage – the ride is smooth, we’ve adjusted to the rolling and mostly have stopped getting bruises. We’re sleeping and eating well, completing small projects each day, and generally enjoying the process. The weather prediction is for great wind all the way in to the Marquesas – YAY!
Each day we still have visits from seabirds – seems unreal because we’re so far from land. We also see flying fish daily. In the last 3 days we’ve had 2 ships near us (+/-80 miles). It’s not as quiet or empty as we had envisioned. And at night – the stars are unbelievable. We’re seeing both the big dipper and the southern-cross. We vie for the night watch to enjoy the stargazing. And when we see falling stars, it’s like they fall just for us!

On a family note – we have EXCITING news! In 2011, just as we were leaving Whittier, Alaska to start this journey, we heard from Fran’s brother that he and long-time sweetie were engaged. A more loving couple couldn’t be imagined. And today, the day before we cross the equator, the day before said brother’s birthday, we have a wedding date. There’s nothing that will keep us from being there to celebrate with them this August.

Life is terrific!

Fran & Richard