It’s the little things

Day 24 – May 10, 2013 – 8PM Pacific Time
Current Location: 04 21.95′ S, 132 34.26′ W
Heading 240 T, Speed 7.5 knots
Sail: Poled, reefed Genoa & double reefed main
Temperature: Indoor 85F, Outdoor 79 F
+/- 2,200 Miles from Puerto Vallarta, 487 Miles to the Marquesas

Today was a GREAT day!
Good rest, good food, steady winds, great boat speed, good movie (Longitude), great conversation with our fellow travelers “Huck” (they’re about 100 miles ahead of us), beautiful blue seas, fluffy white clouds, birds, flying fish, phone call to dad, and SHOWERS! Poor RED is still quite salty, but since we made water yesterday, we both showered today. Ahhhh.

We’re starting to calculate our arrival into French Polynesia – we’re thinking probably Tuesday, hoping Monday. Hard to believe that soon we’ll actually be there. Looking forward to so many things, high on our list: Cold drinks, food prepared by someone else and served to us, sleeping in the same bed at the same time, laundry, etc. After 24 days at sea, it’s the little things that we’re most looking forward to.

Fran & Richard