We be jammin’

Day 25 – May 11, 2013 – 8PM Pacific Time
Current Location: 05 57.52′ S, 134 57.10′ W
Heading 220 T, Speed 6.8 knots
Sail: Reefed Genoa & double reefed main
Temperature: Indoor 86F, Outdoor 82 F
+/- 2,375 Miles from Puerto Vallarta, 338 Miles to the Marquesas

We be jammin’

This morning we changed our sail pattern and moved the full Genoa to leeward with the double reefed main. This increased our boat speed +/- 1 knot. We spent the day regularly seeing 8+ knots of boat speed! It was somewhat of a rough ride as the seas are in the 6-8′ range, well worth it though, for the miles under the keel!
This evening we reefed the Genoa to give more a comfortable ride overnight, especially since the wind has piped up.
We’re really ‘smelling the barn’ now. Still thinking it will be Tuesday, but if we can really jam again tomorrow, then, well, it’s still probably going to be Tuesday. It’s a very small harbor and although it’s never recommended to arrive in an unfamiliar harbor at night, this one really does need to be entered during daylight. So, as we get even closer, we may actually need to slow down, to ensure a daylight arrival. Patience
We have an ‘agent’ in French Polynesia – so our check in should be smooth. (Our fellow Puddle-Jumper’s have said it takes only minutes.) Our agent has also been our local resource for what to do when we get there, how/where we can have items shipped to the island, etc. In short, they’ve been a real asset, and we haven’t even arrived yet! We’re looking forward to meeting them and learning about their beautiful islands!

Fran & Richard


  1. Sounds so exciting!! I actually googled the Marquesas today and was surprised to see how similar to Kauai some of the scenery looks! Splendid! You must be so excited to get there. We, on the other hand, are fixing to go back to Alaska in two days, good-bye, Kauai…. Love reading every entry in your blog. Happy sailing!