What a difference a day makes

Day 27 – May 13, 2013 – 6:30 PM Pacific Time
Current Location: 09 15.89′ S, 138 07.52′ W
Heading 231 T, Speed 4.7 knots
Sail: Double reefed main
Temperature: Indoor 89F, Outdoor 84 F
+/- 2,650 Miles from Puerto Vallarta, 66 Miles to the Marquesas

What a difference a day makes

We’ve spent the last 24 hours or so in a washing machine! Well, that’s what it feels like. Really rolly seas, rain showers, wind, ugh. We still anticipate arriving in the community of Atuona on the island of Hiva Oa, in the Marquesas, French Polynesia (whew), tomorrow morning. If I said we were eager to be at anchor it’d be an understatement!

That said, we’re grateful for our faithful traveling companion RED. He’s the real hero of this passage. All systems are working well, for which we are eternally grateful. He’s been patient with our learning, and a strong and steady guide. We’ve wished for a lot on this passage, but never a different boat!

Other’s have been invaluable in their support as well, specifically: Mike and Robin from “Mermaid”, providing us experienced guidance and weather, Heidi & Joe from “Huck”, for everything from menu planning to reasons to smile each day, Clark Straw from “The Final Straw”, for his weather information and support, Jennifer Dowling for her weather guidance, news and thoughts for the day. And all of our family and friends who’ve been with us vicariously on this passage – next time come with us in person!

Fran & Richard

PS – Updated at 2:30 AM Pacific Time May 14, 2013 – Land Ho! (On the radar)

PPS – Expect photos in the next post! 🙂

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  1. Did you make the right decision? May 14, Anchorage: Gray skies, still have some snow in front garden, might reach 54. Snow in forecast for weekend.