Out of (the lovely) Atuona Vortex!

Moving on wasn’t without a little remorse, we have loved Hiva Oa and Atuona and the many grand people we’ve had the pleasure to meet and get to know there who have given us friendship and support without expecting or wanting anything in return. At two weeks though we’ve overstayed our time and worn a grove in the concrete road into town; and we wouldn’t do it differently. In fact we’ve realized that after a month-long passage taking two weeks to decompress and enjoy our new surroundings before moving on might just be the ticket to serene passage making.

It was a glorious day today it was. We set out early enough after noon to arrive a couple of hours later at the most serene (never mind that we’re anchored among maybe fifteen other boats, many of whom carry new friends or at least acquaintances) small bay on the northwest side of Tahuata Is. Fran couldn’t resist and jumped in the clear water for a nice long swim followed by a fresh water rinse-off on the swim steps and a cool Gin-n-tonix (at last with lime!). She is reported to have taken a swipe at the new growth along the waterline (that is on The Waterline.)

The “plan” (remember, that’s a four-letter word in this enterprise), is to head north to Nuku Hiva and the Big City on Friday-ish to arrive Saturday. Now, before the knowledgeable wags among you wag their fingers at leaving on a Friday, it will already be Saturday Greenwich Time–so there! That is akin to it is 5 PM somewhere.

Until we arrive at the land of fabulous Internet and can post some pictures of our adventures please refer to the many images of your youth from National Geographic (no not those images) to help you picture our adventures.


Richard and Fran
Intrepid Adventurers and Reporters on the Places You’ve So Far Only Imagined

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  1. I love your postings/reports/stories, Rich and Fran! Good luck on your next adventure. In the meantime, we are at our Lake Iliamna cabin where it was 80 degrees yesterday. Back home, I hear that a couple of Canadian geese are trying to take up residence in our/your ex back yard!
    Looking forward to your next batch of photos.
    Safe journeys,
    Maria and Per