Swimming with Manta Rays

So, today a long time dream has come true for us – we swam with manta rays! We’re at anchor in Anaho Bay, on the northeast shore of Nuku Hiva Island, in the Marquesas, French Polynesia (whew…) There are three boats here, we’re tucked in behind a peninsula, snug as can be. This morning we were cleaning the waterline, (on the Waterline), we heard something in the water, looked out, and there they were! Three of them, swimming back and forth, feeding and being beautiful. What a treat!

We’ve been here on Nuku Hiva for about two weeks now and eventually we’ll have to leave, but sure don’t want to. We’ve toured the island by rental truck (4WD) with our friends from Huck, are enjoying the friendly people and fellow cruisers, and generally, are having a great time. Each day dawns with sunshine, warm air (and water), big white puffy clouds and beautiful green mountains. Oh, and chickens. They are the local alarm clocks and are very serious about their jobs!

Our days are filled with boat projects (always), in water time, naps, happy hour, good conversation and lots of smiles. Cruising seems to agree with us.


Fran and Richard


  1. Oh that sounds so cool! Per and I swam with stingrays on Cayman Island. And I bet the chickens reminded you of Kauai!! We are setting all kinds of heat records here in Alaska, in the 70’s and 80’s for a week already, and more in the forecast. Life is good, here and there!
    Maria and Per