Diving, Caves and Friends

We’re just back to the fleshpots of Neiafu from a few days at anchor in the islands.   And what lovely days those were!  We snorkeled, dived, had Happy Hour(s) on the deck, and great meals with lovely friends.

Happy Hour

A real highlight was taking the dingy into “Swallow’s Cave” a cave that’s open to the sea and quite large.  Fran and Mizzy, from s/v Alegria, dropped into the water as Richard stayed aboard to watch over us.  The light coming in the entrance of the cave was spectacular, as were the fish on the wall outside – of course, the GoPro camera was back on the big boat.  A truly special dive – that we will do again when we’re here next year.

No McDonald's here!
No McDonald’s here!

We’re now back in Neiafu preparing to head to New Zealand later this week!


  1. Sounds wonderful! So happy for you guys! The dive sounds like
    “Cathedrals” back on the island of Lanai
    Living vicariously through you!
    Safe voyage!