It’s fall here in New Zed..

About time to head north to Minerva Reef, then Tonga.
Here are a few more photos before we leave.The first, our friend Kyra from s/v Nyon, rowing in the fog.

Fran sitting on the glass floor of Auckland’s Space Needle (SkyTower)

Never too many pictures of cows…

Awaiting the ferry to take us back to beautiful Opua from lovely Russell!

Lots of love to everyone – more from Minerva or Tonga!

… PS – we leave Thursday, or, your Wednesday.


  1. Gorgeous photos!! You look fantastic, Fran. We think about you even more now that summer has begun here and there are a dozen sailboats parked in Hanalei Bay. We are leaving for a couple of days in Honolulu tomorrow on our way back home. Did you say you are coming to Alaska this summer? Let us know!!! Safe travels to Tonga.
    Hugs, Maria and Per