How cold is it?

Cold enough to have me in layers (and layers) of fleece under my (full) foulies. Including a neck gator, beanie and gloves. My partner, the eternal optimist, says he can feel the boat getting warmer as we head north, hmmm, I’m not feeling it, yet. But hope it warms up soon! It’s hard to believe that in just a few days, sailing north, we’ll be back in ‘endless summer’. Can’t wait!

The sail is going well – the new headsail and recut main are terrific – this is the best sailing we’ve ever done!

It’s Sunday on ‘our’ side of the dateline (that’s Saturday for y’all in the states), we intend to be in Minerva Reef on Wednesday morning – we’re really looking forward to it.

Cheers from the night shift!

One Comment

  1. Hard to believe that it’s so cold there. We have been having 70 degree days, a new record of 73 today in fact! Spring is almost a month early in Alaska, unbelievable. Planting in full swing, green lawns and leaves fully out. Have a great trip, and it hope it warms up to Alaska temperatures – sorry, bad joke 🙂