SV RED Position Report – 2014/11/18 1800 UTC

Position Report for SV RED
Port of Departure: Vuda Point, Fiji
Port Destination: Opua, New Zealand

Here is where we are:
Date: 2014/11/18 1800 UTC
Latitude: 2208’S
Course: 204t
Speed: 5.9 knots
Wind Speed: 8.5 kts
Wind Direction: 104t

We continue to have GREAT sailing since we left the pass outside of Viti Levu. Since yesterday’s report the winds have eased down to generally less than 10 kts though remaining a broad reach in smaller seas. RED continues under full canvas to average around 6 kts. This morning the winds are down a bit more and are predicted to go very light for a day or so. We will motorsail to keep up the pace. The ride has been great and we are enjoying a “Rainbows & Unicorns” passage so far. Both of us are well rested.


Fran & Richard