SV RED Position Report – 2014/11/20 1800 UTC

Position Report for SV RED
Port of Departure: Vuda Point, Fiji
Port Destination: Opua, New Zealand

Here is where we are:
Date: 2014/11/19 1800 UTC
Latitude: 2623’S
Course: 191t
Speed: 5.2 knots
Wind Speed: 13 kts
Wind Direction: 116t

What a difference a day makes! We spent much of yesterday in a passing front with strong(ish) winds and short, rough, confused seas – not great for comfort, but RED did fine.

This morning, we have much smoother seas, wind to steer towards our destination and a beautiful sunrise. A very good day.

Yesterday also brought out: socks, jeans, sweat shirts and (gasp!) a foul weather jacket! We’re not in the tropics anymore 🙂

We’re both well, past the half-way point, so ready to be there. We expect to arrive Opua, New Zealand on Monday November 14th (that’s Sunday for everyone on the US side of the date line).


Fran & Richard