SV RED Position Report – 2014/11/23 2030 UTC

Position Report for SV RED
Port of Departure: Vuda Point, Fiji
Port Destination: Opua, New Zealand

Here is where we are:
Date: 2014/11/23 2030 UTC
Latitude: 34 15′ S
Longitude:173 53′ E
Course: 170t
Speed: 7.5 knots
Wind Speed: 12 kts
Wind Direction: SW t

Motorsailing with only 60 miles to go to the entrance to the Bay of Islands, then another two hours to the Q dock for tonight. This is the part of every passage that has the highest awareness of impending arrival and we are always filled with eagerness to be there. If we could row RED faster we would!

Weather is cloudy and we had enough rain overnight to wash most of the salt off of RED, nice. The seas are nearly flat, just a gentle roll as the swells pass by. Breakfast awaits!


Fran & Richard