SV RED Position Report – 2014/11/23 2030 UTC

Hi All,

We have arrived at Q dock Opua. Got here with docking completed at 1845 local for a 7 day 6 1/2 hour, 1116 NM passage that was our best long passage yet. We averaged 6.3 Nautical Miles per Hour from casting off to docking here at Opua. On the way we passed through the center of two high pressure systems with essentially no wind where we motorsailed. All-in we did about half the voyage sailing and the other half motorsailing. We consumed about 60 gallons of our 225 gallons of diesel (aka extinct dinos) and half of our 150 gallons of water. Our fridge is nearly empty but sorry to say NZ Biosecurity will take some yummy Fiji sliced leg ham and chicken breasts among other “delicacies” found in the depths of the freezer.

RED got a bath shortly before we made landfall with a rain strong enough to wash off most of the encrusting salt and he will get a much better washdown tomorrow after we complete entrance formalities and return to our same slip here as last season.

We almost chocked-up as we entered the Bay of Islands and saw familiar sights, identifying places we’ve been and want to go. The beauty of New Zealand still enchants and the friendliness enhances the experience. Here there are friends, both fellow cruisers and locals. We will be neighbors across the dock with the same riotous Kiwi couple and their exuberant friends as last year — let’s hope they are as successful at fishing as before!

The next couple of days are dedicated to putting RED right, rest, repatriating friends and getting ready for Thanksgiving (US).

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. It’s so nice to be ‘home’.

Warmest regards,

Richard and Fran