Fiji tomorrow!

After almost a week of sailing, we’ll check in to Fiji tomorrow. Slight change of plans due to wind and sea conditions, we’ll check in on the west side of Fiji at Lautoka. Tomorrow – Yippee!


Fran & Richard


  1. Ahoy you two!
    Hope you have fair winds, (from the right direction) mellow seas and beautiful sunsets!
    PS: Have you run into the crew of the S/V Delos? Like yourselves, I am living vicariously through them too!

    1. Hey Jimmy!

      No, we haven’t run into Delos – will keep an eye out for them. Do you know where they are? We’re planning to spend the whole season here in Fiji, then return to New Zealand in November. We’re having a really great time!

      Hope you’re well.

  2. Yippeeh! So happy for you! 70 degree weather coming back here in Anchorage this weekend. Sweet memories of Fiji