So long Fiji – it’s been WONDERFUL!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here all season.  What a treat!  We’ve had a great time exploring Fiji’s Mamanuka and Yasawa Island chains.  We’ve had visitors from Oregon, Alaska, New Zealand, and we’ve connected with friends from many places in-between.

We have found Fiji to be one of the happiest places, filled with some of the happiest people.  It’s rubbed off on us and we’ve enjoyed every minute.

And….Now it’s time to head to another of our favorite places: New Zealand.  RED is all sorted, hatches battened, etc.  We clear Customs in the morning.  We’re expecting a nice 6-8 day sail similar to what we enjoyed about this time last year.  Follow RED’s progress at the Yachts in Transit site by clicking here.

Vinaka vaka levu Fiji!  It’s been GREAT!