The year that was … 2015

Opua, Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand

We enjoyed having a full season in one place this year; hardly got more than 50 miles from Musket Cove, Fiji, the whole season and had a wonderful time with family and friends visiting and yachtie friends too.  

We are loving being back in cool and beautiful New Zealand (for a month now).  We haul the boat in February and leave him on the hard while we head north to Alaska for the Iditarod and family and friends and then the Pacific NW to visit family and friends there too, and see if the right piece of property calls to us for when we’re through cruising the South Pacific.  After some US touring we’re headed for France to cruise the more confined waters of the Canal du Midi; will be nice to not be concerned with weather or any of the other things that cruisers are; just “where shall we dine” and enjoy the wine and countryside.  After that back to NZ and then??

Below are some photos of our 2015.  May 2016 find you healthy, happy, prosperous and experiencing love, every day!


Richard & Fran