Headed home to RED!

We’ve been in the states for 4 months now and are headed home to RED in NZ and we’re looking forward to a (very short) season in Fiji.

We camped with friends in Oregon to experience TOTALITY for this year’s eclipse – we’re hooked!


We went to Alaska to celebrate our friend Bob’s life and accomplishments with his family and friends.  While there we  had so many beautiful experiences:  visiting with friends and family, fishing on the Nushigak, staying in a beautiful lodge, soaking up all that we love about Alaska!

Fran’s 20# King!




Richard’s 23# King!


The Grumman Goose! How we got to the lodge, and out fishing! We were traveling in style!
The lodge where we stayed. Otherwise known as heaven!


Richard and Jacques – fun fact: Jacques crossed the Pacific on his boat (Dragonsbane) the same year we did! What a small world this is!

















I got to Georgia to see my brother Pat! What a treat to get some time with he and some of the Georgia Kelly’s!
…And, I went to Asheville, North Carolina to see my very good friend Donna!
As always, Liz opened her home and her life to welcome us! We’re so lucky!


  1. It was great to see Richard and to meet Fran for the first time. GCI did a wonderful job with Bob’s memorial; I was so glad I went. Saw Paul who still calls me Susie; Bernie and Mary Cay Walp. I can tell it’s Monday because the people who mow the lawn are here. Heather Hudson is off on a trip through the Northwest Passage.

    1. Was great to meet you too Theda! Yes, GCI did a great job on the memorial and we appreciated seeing all the familiar faces. We’ll be interested to hear about Heather’s trip through the Northwest Passage – WOW!

  2. Nice Kings. The photos of the Nusgak bring back a lot of memories of the time spent with Richard there. I am currently in search of a lake trout about that size on Lake Granby. Hope you are both well,


    1. Terry!

      We’ve been wondering about you and what you’re up to. Is that retirement I’m hearing? How’s it going?
      Good luck with the lake trout!

      Fran & Richard