Three and a half weeks in Fiji…

Sunday, November 5, 4:43PM (we sprang forward this morning)

Laying, Musket Cove (mooring #24)

by Fran

We’ve been busy – Musket Cove for snorkeling and relaxing.  Then back in to enjoy the fleshpots of Port Denarau.  And Baseball!  We watched all 7 games of the World Series at the Rhum-Ba restaurant right at the top of our dock.  As in 2015, the staff there took great care of us and we had a great time.  And, though it started with just the two of us, many others joined and enjoyed.

We even dressed up for a Halloween party … as cruisers – HA!  The party was sponsored by the crew from Dragonfly – a superyacht owned by the founders of Google.  Such nice people!  And read the article on the Dragonfly link – they do good stuff, wherever they go.

We’re back out at Musket for some much needed r&r and snorkeling!  Maybe tomorrow….   Last night we had the most incredible lightning storm!  Our first while aboard(ever)!  WOW!  Left me feeling a bit vulnerable.  Though all is well – and we got a nice rainwater washdown!

Now it’s time to change the oil – more later!

Our newest friend. What a cutie!


Our view from dinner at Vuda Point Marina’s sunset bar


…and our dinner… a Tomahawk Steak (only one was ours) – it was delish!
Assume the position! It’s time for BAZEBALL!


Happy to be in Fiji? I’ll say!





Cheery new fender covers – we’ve had SO many compliments already!
Old, sad fender covers…They started out black when I made them two years ago…


Lunch at the Funky Fish!







The elusive windless day in the Musket Cove mooring field.  Photo curtesy of Sue on Moondance.


  1. The pics are wonderful, especially the one of the two of you. Keep posting! And are you on ham radio at all? I’ve got to bet my wire back up in the trees. It’s on my roof, thanks to Hurricane Harvey. But then, the Astros won their first World Series, a terrific contest.

    1. Bob – Thank you! We’re sure enjoying our time here. And, yes, we’re on the ham radio, often. Once you get your wire back up, let’s try to connect!
      Regarding the Astros – they sure deserved to win the way the Dodgers played game 7. Go Houston!

  2. Ow, what great photos! Looks like you are enjoying Fiji. I still don’t know how long you’ll be there. We are shooting for an early May trip there . Currently in Phoenix for a week, then off to Kauai in mid Nov. cheers!