Our passage to Fiji, by the numbers:


Temperature Leaving NZ Arrival in Fiji Current
Inside: 67.9° (heat on) 97° 92.3°
Outside: 64° ≈80’s 97.6°
Water Temp: 60.4° 80.1° 86.8°


0 Alcohol Consumed Malfunctions
1 Boat


knock that couldn’t be found (SOMETHING was moving in a cupboard, somewhere in the aft of RED – we each spent a lot of time searching, and never found…)
2 Crew Countries – New Zealand and Fiji
4 Hours without using the engine

Glorious sunset!
6.6 knots Average Speed

All the ‘to do’ lists preparing for our passage from Fiji to NZ
7 +/- Days on Passage

Are we there yet?
18.8 Knots Max Wind (the first day…)

Calm sailing
168 +/- Total Passage Hours

This is what we see while sailing… lots of blue!
1,100 +/- Total Miles

Sunrise as we enter the reef in Fiji