Passage ponderings

We’re over half way to New Zealand – this is a fast passage. The first few days were pretty crappy. Sloppy seas, and winds closer to RED’s nose than his bum.

Today – the winds have backed and the seas have calmed and we’re having a great run. We’re motorsailing in the 8+ range (knots). Though we could shut down the engine and still make over 7, we’re racing a low, so we have the pedal to the metal to get out of its way.

On the ipod: Born to Lose, Duets, Elton John & Leonard Cohen Dinner: our 1/2 way celebratory meat loaf, no red wine this time. Bruises: too many to count. So much for the glamorous sailing life. Steel is hard! Bums are sore.
6 weeks in Fiji – better than no weeks in Fiji, and so short! We LOVE it there! 503 miles to go to Opua!
Polar fleece – it’s 79 degrees in the cockpit. Water temp has gone from: 84 in Fiji to 76.3. Brrrr

No books this passage – the rolly seas make that a bbbaaaaadddd idea. Though I’ve listened to many podcasts: Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!, Gastro Pod and Planet Money.

We’ll arrive in Opua on Tuesday December 5. 39 years ago on that date, my (Fran’s) family arrived in Oregon after a 5 day(?) drive from Detroit. That move was the best thing my parents did for us – thanks M&D!

Lots of love from the big blue sea!

Fran & Richard

PS – just watched one of the most beautiful sunsets yet! Photos when we arrive in NZ