Picking Coffee in the Northland

joe, java, brew, go juice, caffeine infusion, cuppa, day starter, lifeblood…  coffee, by any other name…

Since we’ve been coming to New Zealand (5 seasons now), we’ve been enjoying Ikarus Coffee at the Kerikeri Farmer’s Market.  Last year we tried some of their very own, NEW ZEALAND GROWN coffee – it was FANTASTIC!   So, in an effort to encourage and support our favorite coffee company, yesterday, we went and helped with the harvest!

We were welcomed exuberantly by Gino, the coffee dog, Rob and Carol.  After a tour of their home, overlooking the beautiful Pekerau Hills and Doubtless Bay, some delicious peaberry coffee, we got straight to work…  Well, the way we do…chatting, and stopping for photos.   It did remind me a bit of my very first job – at 9 years old, picking tomatoes at Deneweth’s Farm  (…still in business! 10¢/peck, 4 pecks to a bushel. And, some days I had to ‘borrow’ a peck from my sister Margaret, just so that I had something to show for a day of talking and eating tomatoes (that tasted like tomatoes), in the beautiful Michigan summer sun.)

Richard the master coffee picker

But get to work we did!  What a treat to sit in the sun, with an incredible view, chat and pick what is going to become a delightful cuppa.  Rob and Carol then showed us how the berries are hulled, fermented, husked and dried.  And where the roasting magic happens – it was a delightful morning that we just loved!  Thanks Rob and Carol – we’re happy to ‘help’ anytime!

Ripe coffee beans


Today’s harvest (they had picked most of it by the time we arrived)
Hulling the beans
Hulled beans
Carol and Rob’s beautiful property


the hulls – will be dried and made into tea…a tea, made from coffee – that’s my kind of tea! (with 10x more antioxidants than blueberries)





Richard’s new friend Gino